Communications Paper

Follow the directions in each section and answer the questions as comprehensively as possible. Make sure to provide correct citations for the terms and definitions used from the textbook. A high level of analysis should guide your answers, which should be typed underneath each question.

I. Compulsory questions: You must answer all the questions in this section:

1. What are the three types of beliefs? Briefly explain each and offer an example. (6 points)

2. Three elements are necessary for the construction of a rational argument. What are they and offer an example of your use of each in making an argument for or against a public issue. (6 points)

3. What is the TARES Test? Explain what each letter of this acronym means. (10 points)

4. Balance Theory and Dissonance Theory share some common understandings about humans and how they deal with persuasion. Describe both theories and comment on what they have in common using examples. (13 points)

II. Answer the following two in this section: 

5. What are values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors? Explain how they are connected. Take a single issue (the textbook uses smoking) and show how it relates to your own values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. (15 points)

6. What characteristics of the source of a persuasive attempt, the nature of that attempt itself, and of the target of the persuasive effort will influence the likely success of that persuasive effort? List all the characteristics and provide an example of each where applicable. (15 points)

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