Assignment    Employment Paper
      Imagine you are an administrator for the government employment office of the State of Abundance, and you just attended a seminar on business anti-discrimination issues. Detail: Write a report of approximately 1,250–1,500 words to the Governor discussing the major issues to be considered in avoiding discrimination in state employment. Address the following in your paper
In what situations may the State require previous training or a degree as a condition for employment?
In what situations may the State require tests as a condition for employment or promotion
In what situations may the State set physical requirements or gender requirements as a condition of employment?
How does disparate-impact discrimination occur and how can the State protect itself against creating such discrimination in its employment practices as well as successfully defend itself in a disparate-impact case?  Please use the IRAC methodology to show the reasoning behind your answers to the questions
Provide a minimum of 5 references. Format – APA Format

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