Is it stealing

For this week's Discussion, first watch the video: Is it Stealing?Discuss the “Stealing” hypothetical with your classmates. Using the basic ethical, moral, and philosophical concepts of Teleology, Deontology, Relativism, Virtue, and Justice:
State whether or not you believe the man’s actions, in whole or in part, are ethically defensible.
Be sure to address the following questions: Was it right for the man to steal the bread and milk? How about the jacket? If the man finds money in the jacket pocket, and he’s weak with hunger, can he buy food for himself with the money?
Support your beliefs using one or more of the concepts.
Identify the positive aspects in the real world resulting from adopting your beliefs as a moral guide.
Identify any unavoidable negative aspects in the real world that would follow from adopting your beliefs as a moral guide.

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