Music Assignment #4

ouis ANDRIESSEN is a Dutch contemporary experimental composer:

Andriessen’s “Workers Union” (1975) is specified "for any loud sounding group of instruments"

that performers choose themselves. He does not specify any pitches or melody. 

But the rhythmic patterns are specified in a music score for performers. 

Performances may vary in sonic color (timbre); the rhythms remain the same. 


Louis Andriessen's Workers Union (performances or excerpts) played by

various groups in different versions.  


a) Third Coast Percussion

b) Eighth Blackbird ensemble

c) Modern Music Ensemble

   WHAT’S your impression of this music?

   WHICH of the above performances do you prefer or not and why? 


Both Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham, below, are avant-garde composers whose work features

the guitar, including very large guitar ensembles.

  WHAT’S your impression of the music of each of these composers? 

  HOW is their music similar or different?

Glenn BRANCA is an American avant-garde composer played guitar and created number

of tape experimental sound art collage pieces in his teens. He studied theater in Boston

and began an experimental theater group in 1975. Moving to New York City, he formed

a band he called The Static. 

Brance performed with Rhys Chatham's Guitar Trio in 1977, a “noise music” experience

formative to his development as a composer. He began composing symphonies for orchestras

of electric guitars and percussion, which blended droning industrial cacophony and microtonality.

ABOUT  Glenn Branca

ABOUT Noise Music:

Glenn Branca: Lesson No. 1 for Electric Guitar




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