‘’The Scenario’’

‘’The Scenario’’

Kickbacks and Disclosure

· You are an administrator at a major university. Your department selects a few brands of security software to recommend to students for their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and other devices. One of the companies whose software you will evaluate takes you out to dinner, gives you free software (in addition to the security software), offers to pay your expenses to attend a professional conference on computer security, and offers to give the university a percentage of the price for every student who buys its security package.


1- Use the  Ethical Guidelines  to analyse the case study by applying two phases Brainstorming and Analysis phase.

Brainstorming phase:

–List all the people and organizations affected (the stakeholders)

–List risks, issues, problems, and consequences

–List benefits. Identify who gets each benefit

–In cases where there is no simple yes or no decision, but rather one has to choose some action, list possible actions

Analysis phase:

–Identify responsibilities of the decision maker

–Identify rights of stakeholders

–Consider the impact of the options on the stakeholders (consequences, risks, benefits, harms, costs)

–Categorize each potential action as ethically obligatory, prohibited, or acceptable

–When there are multiple options, select one, considering the ethical merits of each, courtesy to others, practicality, self-interest, personal preferences, etc.


2- Identify the Software Engineering Code of Ethics, ACM code and explain them based on the scenario given.

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