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When comparing the general business world and the healthcare organizations, I do not feel that there is much difference. Within the general business world, in most cases they are there to succeed just as the healthcare organizations. The healthcare organizations are there to find ways to assist in the upgrading of the health of human lives to where the business world is there to assist in making money. Following are some of the barriers that could be possible within the general business world but not disclosed within the healthcare organizations:

• Anxiety is one of the blockades that can affect a successful plan. At the time that leaders look at changes or not being successful, this can cause the business not to advance. Also, if the business becomes anxious over financial breakdown or not having enough awareness of the market situation, this could be the element for the leaders to not plan-ahead but to go on daily activity.

• Thoughtlessness. The actions of being unthoughtfulness could be the reason for leaders to put a halt to what they are doing. 

• Unconstructiveness or not bringing confident thoughts. There must be confident thoughts and awareness and know-how to be an acceptable director.

• Connection blocks. This is when there is an issue of sharing ideals and intentions in which could bring about a delay for a preparation meeting.

• Inadequate authority. This is when a manager is anxious or afraid of their status of employment. They are most often inadequate about the development of the          organization when this comes about.

• Absence of imagination. If there is no imagination along with inadequate authority, most likely the workforce will become disinterested and discouraged to the point that they believe as if they can’t bring about their finest effort (Harleigh, 2017).


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