GMO Paper

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs). What is the purpose genetic engineering of crop plants and domestic animals? Briefly explain how GMOs are created. What foods in your supermarket contain GMOs? Are foods that contain GMOs safe for human consumption? What types of regulations exist for these foods? Clearly explain your reasoning for each answer. Write a 2 page, double-spaced in New Times Roman 12 font paper, excluding references and title page. You must read the information sources that you find and summarize the information in your own words, addressing each of the questions and expectations for your chosen topic. Extensive quotes from the article are HIGHLY discouraged. Use APA style for citing references, see . All questions and requirements for chosen topic are addressed and own ideas are expressed, analyzed and defended based on knowledge learned from literature research. The information obtained from a minimum of three information sources is summarized clearly, accurately and well organized in your own words. All information sources are credible and relevant to the requirement for the chosen topic. All references listed at the end, in-text references are included, all references in correct APA format Paper is between 275 and 750 words 0-3 minor spelling/grammatical errors

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