To demonstrate an understanding of the planning, layout and accommodation of building services with respect to flexibility and deployment in internal spaces You work as a technician in a multi-disciplinary practice that has recently been commissioned by a speculative developer, to design a new ten storey office building, including the internal fit-out. The proposed building is to be located on a city centre site, is intended to provide for multiple tenant occupancy and accommodate sophisticated services, including those for data communication You have been asked to contribute to the design process by carrying out an assessment of the planning and layout of building services the design will need to accommodate. Prepare a report that assesses the importance of planning, layout and accommodation of building services for a typical medium-high rise commercial office building. Your report should include (but not be confined to) the following: • A critical evaluation and discussion of the roles and requirements of the essential services that go to make the building function for its intended purpose. • A brief overview of Utility Services (water, gas, electricity, foul and storm-water disposal, telecommunications), Mechanical and Electrical systems (electrical power, lighting, lifts, heating, ventilation, emergency systems etc) and Building Management Systems (BMS). • Reference to relevant Building Regulations and BritishEuropean Standards should be incorporated, together with consideration of the Equality Act 2010 where applicable Your report is to be well presented and should be supported by the inclusion of copious drawings, sketches, line diagrams, photographs or other such illustration to support your narrative, using the usual Harvard conventions. Word Count: ~ 1,500 words

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