Community Health Literature Review

Select a topic related to community health based on a content area of the course that interests you. Conduct a literature search and choose five scholarly research articles from peer-reviewed journals (at least two must be from nursing journals). The articles must have been published from 2013 – 2018. The articles used must also be Canadian Length is a maximum of three (3) pages excluding the title page, references and an appendix with your preliminary grid. Content over three pages will not be read. APA (6th ed.). format is required. Develop your literature review using the following headings: a) Introduction: Describe the situation or issue based on your identified topic of interest. What is the problem that needs to be addressed? Why? Identify the relevant social determinants of health. b) Literature Review: present a synthesized overview of your selected research articles. c) Conclusion: What were the strengths and limitations of the current evidence? What direction does your literature provide to address your topic of interest?

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