Criminal Justice System

brief (700-750 word) essay analyzing and reacting to one of two recent articles that raise critically important issues for students of the criminal justice system. One article (The Separation ) considers the broad discretion of social service providers to remove a child from the custody of his/her parents. Consequences from such decisions influence the lives of every person involved: the child, the parents and the providers. The other article (An Ex-Cop’s Remorse) discusses the vexing issue of wrongful convictions. Each year courts set aside hundreds of investigations because of shoddy or illegal practices by law enforcement professionals. Thankfully, abuses in both of these areas are the exception rather than the rule. Yet even a few lapses in integrity impact popular confidence in the criminal justice system.

Your essay should reflect a careful analysis of the issues raised by the article you select and an assessment of how these issues should be addressed. You need not agree with the author or either of your professors. The important thing is that your essay demonstrate an appreciation of the matter at hand and argue persuasively for the position you adopt.

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