The fundamentals of Economics and Finance

Answer each question with a minimal of 80 words or more. Please cite all references and use APA guidelines. 1. Some individuals prefer to have their employers withhold more money than they will owe so they can get big refund checks in April or May. Others prefer to minimize withholdings, so they can either spend the money throughout the year, or put it into a retirement or other savings account. Which strategy do you think is better? Explain why. 2. What are the ethical implications of not paying your fair share of taxes? Explain why. 3. How might tax-exempt income and tax credits be used by government to stimulate economic growth? Explain why. 4. What are some advantage and disadvantage of electronic tax filing? Explain why. 5. What are some taxes advantages and disadvantage of owning your own business? Explain why. 6. How has online banking changed the way consumers select and use various financial services? Explain why. 7. What fees and deductions may be overlooked when balancing your checking account? Explain why. 8. When choosing to open an account with a financial institution, what consideration would be most important to you? Why?

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