Part 1: Entrepreneur Interview Paper

Part 1: Entrepreneur Interview Paper

Locate a local entrepreneur to interview and write a reflection paper on your chosen person. You are required to submit a one-page biography of your entrepreneur in Week 3 that is worth 20 points. It is important: Be sure to start this assignment as soon as possible to insure that you find a suitable entrepreneur.

The purpose of this paper is to interview a local entrepreneur in order to develop insights into the world of entrepreneurship. At the end of the process, you will need to take the information and reflect upon the challenges and the rewards of being an entrepreneur.

  • What type of person becomes this type of risk taker?
  • What challenges did he or she face and overcome?
  • What failures did this person have?
  • How many companies has he or she started?
  • How successful is he or she?
  • Why is this person successful?
  • Why did he or she become an entrepreneur?
  • What is this person's measure of success?
  • What did you learn about entrepreneurship from this interview?

This paper should focus on these types of questions but should not be limited to just the ones listed above. Get creative and get into the idea that you need to learn from this person so that you can better understand the challenges this business choice offers.


  • The biography paper must be no more than one page; you will turn this in at the end of Week 3.
  • You must follow APA formatting guidelines.
  • Although this is not a scientific-type writing assignment and is mostly creative in nature, references are still very important. You must reference your interviewee. Be sure to look up how to cite an interview in APA style.

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