Power Point Fire Research

Unit VIII PowerPoint Presentation Reviewing the Eight-Step Model Our textbook presented eight steps to completing a research report.  For this assignment, take on the role of instructor, and design a PowerPoint assignment explaining each of the eight steps in the process. Do not simply paste information from the textbook or any other source. Use text sparingly on each slide and use the Notes section to further explain the bullet point material you have included on each slide. Please do not paste paragraphs of small font onto the slides. Include at least one slide for each of the eight steps. Remember to support your points with scholarly material and include citations where needed to show from where the information came. Include a full APA style reference slide at the end. Do not forget to include a title slide with your name on it. 



Step I: Formulating a research problem


Step II: Conceptualizing a research design


Step III: Constructing an instrument for data collection


Step IV: Selecting a sample


Step V: Writing a research proposal


Step VI: Collecting data


Step VII: Processing and Displaying data


Step VIII: Writing a research report

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