Project Management

Deals-R-Us Brokers:  Fred Jones, a distant relative of yours and president of Deals-R-Us Brokers (DRUB), has come to you for advice.  DRUB is a small brokerage house that enables its clients to buy and sell stocks over the Internet, as well as place traditional orders by phone or fax.  DRUB has just decided to install a new email package.  The IT department offered Fred two solutions.  First, it could host the email in-house using Microsoft Exchange Server.  The second solution would be to use one of the cloud-based providers such as gmail and completely outsource the company email.  The IT department also explained to Fred that both solutions would allow users to access email on their desktops and laptops and also on their smart devices. 

  1. Briefly explain to Fred the differences between the two with security risks.
  2. Outline the pros and cons of the two alternatives and make a recommendation to Fred about which is better.

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