REVISION: Strategic Decision Making

We do not expect you to use every model mentioned in the lecture series but to select the ones that YOU think are appropriate. It would be better to use fewer models well than try and use lots of models and not do them justice because you are trying to do too much with them. 
Regarding other models such as the Value Chain, BCG matrix, Business Canvas Model, Payback, NPV, McKinsey 7S model and others, these can be in the main body if they assist the argument. We do not specify which other models we expect you to use as each of you will approach the work differently with your own thoughts and ideas.
These will be in tables, diagrams and or boxes so outside the word count limit but your discussion is key and we would expect this to short, sharp and to the point so this is where our 2,000 word guide comes into play to assist you in sticking to the point. We are basing our limit on the 16 pages not the 2,000 words so long as you do not exceed the 16 page limit you WILL NOT BE penalized or capped. I hope that is clear.
We are looking for the core content of the report and appropriate models to be within these 16 pages. The 2,000 word limit is a word guide limit meaning we expect to see lots of content in the SWOT, lots of detail on the two strategies, Suzanne will send out additional guidance on this, lots of detail on the SAFe model.
This information is presented in the SWOT which should be in the main body but the models that have populated the SWOT e.g. strategic capabilities, PESTEL & 5 Forces these should be in the appendices. We know you have done these models in the first year but the focus here is what are the key drivers and what they mean for your chosen firm so these models assist you in mapping the environment and then selecting the key issues to focus the development of your two strategies on.
as you get stuck into your coursework the whispers have started about what to do and where to put things. The coursework focus is on what are the key drivers the firm is facing in the near to long term FROM BOTH THE INTERNAL PERSPECTIVE (Strategic capabilities) and EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS (PESTEL & 5 FORCES).

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