Scholar-Practitioner Project Assignment: Survey Protocol

a 4- to 5-page protocol for a survey to gather information about the problem in your Scholar-Practitioner Project. The protocol should include the following:

 The population is the Native American Indian


  • A brief set of objectives for the survey
  • Describe the population you would sample and explain why.
  • Describe your data collection method you might use and explain why.
  • Describe your data analysis method and explain why.
  • A 1-page (10–20 questions) questionnaire for the survey.

 Use the resources and current literature to support your response. 



Soriano, F. I. (2013). Conducting needs assessment: A multidisciplinary approach (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Chapter 9, “Recruiting and Collecting Data From Participants”

Sarsour, L., Tong, V. S., Jaber, C., Talbi, M., & Julliard, K. (2010). Health assessment of the Arab American community in Southwest Brooklyn. Journal of Community Health, 35(6), 653–659.

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