Westport Communications

The CEO of Westport Communications, the company you work for, has temporarily decided that the training function should be put on hold due to a downturn in revenue and a downsizing of employees within the company. The CEO feels that, since no new employees are being hired at the present time, no additional training is necessary. It is your job as the HR manager to make a presentation to the CEO explaining why the training function should not be eliminated.

To complete this Activity, prepare a report justifying the benefits of training within the organization. To support your argument, you should include the following.


  1. Provide justification for the      training function, especially for a company that is currently not      profitable. You should make a strong case for the effects that training      has on the growth and development of employees and the company as a whole.      Use at least five (5) justifications and each should include an example of      your choice.
  2. Include a summary of the      information discussed in Discussion Questions #1 and #2.
  3. Use information contained in      the Lecture and Research Update.
  4. Include information contained      in the textbook.
  5. Use the data contained in at      least two (2) ProQuest articles (these may be Required Reading articles or      other articles found on ProQuest).
  6. Provide relevant data from five      (5) of the following 10 company websites: Pfizer, IBM, Sprint,      Americredit, KLA-Tencor, Booz Allen Hamilton, Ernst and Young LLP,      Deloitte and Touche LLP, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and AT&T Business      Services.

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