Building a Culture of Inclusion at Whirlpool

Building a Culture of Inclusion at Whirlpool

Diversity and inclusion are central to Whirlpool Corporation's goal of placing its appliances in "every home everywhere". Whirlpool believes that differences create value and they practice inclusion because it enables the company to best respond to the needs of its diverse customers. Whirlpool understands that its leaders must first show an understanding of and interest in diversity before they can become part of the company culture.

Write a 3-4 page APA paper on the Whirlpool case integrating concepts from the text and respond to the following:

1. Do you agree that Whirlpool can realize a competitive advantage through its diverse employees?

2. How else can technology be used to enhance Whirlpool's culture of inclusion?

3. Do you feel that Whirlpool's efforts to create a culture of inclusion are worthwhile? Explain.

This assignment is used to assess the Global and Intercultural Competency components of the Excellence System. 

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