Companies have to file annual reports with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). The aim of the filling is to promote accountability as well as ensure that there is no fraud within the established corporations. This report will highlight the SEC filings by Marriott and Hilton Hotels. All major features of the fillings, for instance, balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and so forth will be included. 

Part One

Company Name 

Marriott Hotels

SEC Form URL http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/MAR/5860393463x0xS1628280%2D17%2D1506/1048286/filing.pdf

Management’s Discussion and Analysis

Inclusive management’s discussion and analysis are available on pages 24 to 45. Marriott Hotels are located in various regions of the world and at present, it is estimated that the company has 122 properties. The firm has more than 30 brand names and its main way of operation is through franchises. 

Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is available on page 52 and it shows the current financial standing of Marriot Hotels.

Income Statement

Income statement data is available on pages 23 and 83 of the SEC filing. 

Statement of Retained Earnings

Statement of retained earnings was found on page 66 of the filling. 

Statement of Cash Flow

The statement of cash flow is available on page 53 of the SEC filing. 

Note to the Financial Statements

The SEC filling had notes to the financial statements which were exclusively on pages 55 to 84. The notes provided further information about the financial standings of the corporation. 

Part Two

Company Name

Hilton Hotels



Management’s Discussion and Analysis

Management’s discussion and analysis is found in 42 to 67 and is detailed sufficiently to inform shareholders about the firm’s prospects.

Balance Sheet

A consolidated balance sheet is on page 73 and it illustrates the financial standing of Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. 

Income Statement

A comprehensive income statement is found on page 75 of the SEC filing.

Statement of Retained Earning

Statement of retained earnings is available on page 110 of the SEC filing. 

Statement of Cash Flow

A consolidated statement of cash flow is available on page 76 of the SEC filing. 

Notes to the Financial Statements

Detailed notes to the financial statements are available on pages 78 to 126 of the SEC filing. 


here what the teacher want 


 Please come prepared to discuss your company's financial statements in class.  Specifically:

  1. Does your company have any goodwill reported on the balance sheet and discussed in the notes? What percentage of total assets does goodwill represent? Is goodwill a major asset for your company? Explain.  If your company doesn't have any goodwill, come prepared to discuss what goodwill is and why a company would have it.
  2. Locate the note relating to Intangible Assets in your company's Notes to the Financial Statements. What type of intangible assets does your company have? What proportion of total assets do the intangibles represent?  If your company does not have any intangible assets, come prepared to discuss Intangible Assets.  (If you have a company registered with the SEC, I will be completely surprised if you don't have Intangible Assets…)
  3. Does your company have any trade names, trademarks, and domain names in its Notes to the Financial Statements? Come prepared to comment on the difference between the estimated useful life and the legal life of your company's trademarks. 
  4. How do any of the information from this chapter impact the ratios for your financial analysis project?

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