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Task 2 Assignment




In Task 2 assignment, you will be identifying a clinical problem and writing the beginning sections of a research proposal: problem statement, significance to nursing, literature review and synthesis, purpose, research question or hypothesis, and theoretical or conceptual framework. Identify a clinical problem that you would like to research. It is recommended that you choose a problem in your clinical practice area. The problem must be researchable. A researchable problem is one that is realistic and do-able (meaning, you could actually carry out the project).


Use the following to aid you in presenting the beginning sections of the proposal:

· Introduction: Begin with a broad introduction to the topic that grabs the reader’s attention. Typically present broad statistical background on the issue. Make factual statements. Nearly every sentence should be referenced.

· Problem statement: Begin defining the problem here—include more detailed statistics—specifically about the population you plan to examine. What is the importance to the public? Use a minimum of three recent, scholarly references. Nearly every sentence should be referenced.


· Significance of the study to nursing, as obtained from the literature. This must be referenced, not your opinion. The significance section should provide information as to why it is important to fill in any gaps in knowledge or why it is important to improve patient outcomes. Describe and summarize who will be able to use the knowledge your study provides and, if applicable, how the results of your study might help make practice decisions, improve policy, or change practice as a whole. A minimum of two recent, scholarly references must be used. Nearly every sentence should be referenced.


· Literature review and synthesis: Review relevant literature and write a literature synthesis on your identified problem with at least seven recent, scholarly, research-based, and diverse articles (at least three of which come from nursing journals). These articles should be scholarly or research based in nature. Do not use web pages, newspapers, or non-refereed journals. Do not use any .com references. Write an introductory paragraph to the literature synthesis section—typically, incorporate some statistical information—this paragraph is different from you paper’s introductory paragraph. Introduce the variables the synthesis will examine. For example, if the purpose of the study is to examine variables that promote safe sexual behaviors among HIV positive individuals, we might write the following:


· Over the past three decades, the rate of HIV infection among American adults has increased 78% (CDC, 2019). The evidence suggests that knowledge of HIV transmission (Turkey, 2020), prophylactic use of antiretroviral medications (Holiday, 2019), and altruism (Easter, 2017) influence safe sexual behaviors.

This would be the introduction to the literature synthesis section. Based on this paragraph, the variables we would list in the literature review are knowledge of HIV transmission, prophylactic use of antiretroviral medications, altruism, and safe sexual behaviors. When ordering the variables in the literature review, we usually begin with the outcome or the dependent variable. Our study will be examining how knowledge of HIV transmission (independent variable), prophylactic use of antiretroviral medications (independent variable), and altruism (independent variable) influence safe sexual behaviors (dependent variable). So, when we write this example, the first variable would be named ‘Safe Sexual Behaviors’. The second variable would be ‘Knowledge of HIV transmission’; the third variable would be ‘Prophylactic Use of Antiretroviral Medications’, and so on. We recommend you keep your number of variables to two or three.

· Purpose: identify the purpose of the study. You will write this as: The purpose of the study is to…. Be sure to use the correct verbiage to match your study design. Typical phrasing examples include:

· The purpose of the study is to examine the effectiveness of X intervention on Y. X would be the independent variable and Y would be the outcome or dependent variable.

· The purpose of the study is to identify whether a correlation exists between X and Y.

· The purpose of the study is to determine whether X has an influence on Y.

· The purpose of the study is to explore factors that (influence, describe, correlate, etc.) Y variable.

The purpose statement also includes the target population.

· Hypothesis or Research Question: Select which one is most appropriate for your design and congruent with your purpose. You will choose either a hypothesis or a research question, not both.

· Theoretical or Conceptual Framework: Select a theoretical or conceptual framework to guide the proposed study. Examples are: King’s goal attainment theory, Roy’s adaptation theory, and Orem’s self-care. Describe the major concepts of the theory and link the theory to your research purpose and variables. Section should be 1-2 pages.

After receiving feedback on Task 2, you will be able to incorporate the sections of this paper into your final Bare Bones Proposal assignment. Be sure to make corrections based on faculty feedback before you submit the Bare Bones Proposal. Faculty use Track Changes in Word to provide comments and suggested revisions. Please note that faculty comments cannot be viewed from a device such as a phone or IPad.

Submission of Task 2 Assignment

Upload the document as a Word file. APA formatting is required with a running head, title page, section headings, and references. The paper must contain a minimum of 6 and no more than 8 pages of text.

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