Refutation Technique Analysis

1. Read the following articles. Use your Active Reading and Annotating skills to  make notes about HOW the second and third of these three articles refutes the preceding article.  Refresh your knowledge of refutations: look for the places where the writers do the things on the Refutation page and in my video. I'm not so worried about content here: focus on how the writers use refutation techniques.

1. N.S.A. Surv Nec or Unconst_Fleitz_National Review.pdf

2. The Last Defenders of the N.S.A..pdf

3. In Defense of NSA Surveillance_ A Response to Conor Friedersdorf.pdf

2. Post a reply in which you give TWO examples of a refutation technique from the articles. Provide a quotation from the article and explain what the author is doing to refute the other writer's points. We are interested in technique here. For example, is the author attacking the credibility of the other writer?

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