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Appreciative Inquiry Interview Questions

Melvin posted 

Professor and classmates,

After the searching websites, I found this one to be rather interesting to me.  These are the questions I would ask my coworkers. All questions found on

1. Think back through your career. Locate a moment that was high point, when you felt most effective and engaged. Describe how you felt, and what made the situation possible.

2. Without being humble, describe what you value most about yourself, your work, your organization.

3. Describe your three concrete wishes for the future of this organization, or for yourself.

I liked these questions because it let me know about the individual. It shows me what they brought to the organization. Work ethic, experience they have with change, and what they are looking forward too. Questions 1 and 2, if asked to a supervisor. I want to know where his/her mind is at. Are they looking at what they have done or what his/her team has done?  To me it says a lot about what type of supervisor they might be.  I was asked a similar question when I interviewed for the job I have now. My answer was not that I had won SNCO of the Year for Europe or how many Higher Headquarter inspections I received superior performer on. Nope, I focused on the one Airmen that failed his PT test and was about to get kicked out. I took him under my wing got him in shape. He scored in the upper 80’s and he felt that he had someone (supervisor wise) that cared for him. Not only did you continue to improve on his physical fitness, but he also won Airmen of the Year.  

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