Research on classification of spatial structures

The main objective is to compare the classifications of spatial structures and propose a new one or choose the best among all. I have already found two classification on Spatial structures and I hope the writer can find one more for me. Also the method of comparing the classification is suiting the examples of spatial structures into the classification. I can provide two websites of spatial structure examples and the work can be done before Feb to March. Please inform me before. The topic is An information hub for a technical subject is a valuable resource for education and research. Also, this provides a considerable support to the designers and contractors. The hub would be an online platform to share the links to the relevant information such as the outstanding projects, well-known individuals (researchers, architects and engineers) and companies (consulting engineers and contractors). As a partof the preparation for the 7thInternational Conference on Spatial Structures (to be held in Guildford in 2020), the University is developing an information hub for Spatial Structures. This project is to research on the relevant resources and to produce an appropriate classification to make the platform.

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