research paper for Healthcare Administration class

Need assistant with 7 page research paper for Healthcare Administration class. Message if interested. Book referenced is Strategic Management of Healthcare Organization.

I. Detailed description of your Service Category

II. Detailed description of your Service Area (which might include):

                A. General Information

                B. Economic factors

                C. Demographics

                D. Psychographics (Interests, Attitudes, and Opinions or IAO analysis of the area)

                E. Health Status

Note: this section might include an Issue Identification Chart (see p. 57, Exhibit 2-4) and/or an Environmental Trends/Issues Plot (p. 58, Exhibit 2-5).

III. Service Area Structural Analysis (which might include):

                A. Power of Customers

                B. Power of Suppliers

                C. Threat of New Entrants

                D. Threat of Substitutes

                E. Intensity of Rivalry

Note: You’ll want to look through the various strategic thinking frameworks/techniques and apply the ones that seem that they would be helpful in your analysis.

IV. Service Area Competitor Analysis (which might include):

                A. Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses

                B. Critical Success Factors

                C. Strategic Groups

                D. Competitors Map

                E. Likely Responses of Competitors

V. Service Category Critical Success Factors

VI. Map of Strategic Groups Identified

VII. Synthesis – (see page 120 to 121 for an example of this).

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