Assignment 1

Explore  your community and take notice of the art you encounter. What does it  evoke in you? 

What did the artist want you to experience when you look  at it?

Take  pictures of the art and create an aesthetically interesting collection  of several (5) works from your home, work, community, and/or visit  elsewhere and design a PowerPoint with an “outside the box”  interpretation/expression of each.

The  focus of this assignment is on creativity, artistic expression,  critical perspective, and your analytical ability to relate everyday  life to the purpose of this course. Thus, write a short, one paragraph,  analysis on five (5) different art pieces, in total, that tells/reveals  an “unsuspected” story and/or “moral” message by the artists or Art  pieces themselves.

 Again, you can either create your artistic pieces or take photos, where allowed, of other people’s art.

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