Disscussion Replies

1: In todays business world we must adapt to different cultures and people of all diverse backgrounds. We cannot be rigid in our learning of each other. A companies biggest asset is their workforce and the ability to cultivate relationships with others both internally and externally. We must try to learn of ourselves and our own shortcomings and try to improve with that in order to be more effective in learning of each other. One thing I want to mention is I wonder how the use of social media. FB, texting, twitter etc has possibly eroded those interpersonal skills necessary to learn and get along with each other in the workplace. 


2: The idea of having an Organizational behavior to understanding and managing people is the practices of all managers. To have the ability to manage people is listing and being able to motivate people to accomplish a job takes I believe years of training. The listing when a situation arises in the workplace sometimes comes good ideas comes from employees. In order for Organizational behavior to be effective listing and having these skills to influence employees to finish a good product and be able to run a good business. OB is an idea to practice and be able to know what you know to organize your business. 


3: Carl, your saying of "do the right thing even when no one is watching" caught my attention. I have two sons, one ten years old and the other one year old. I try very hard to teach my children about the correct way to live life and act when situations present themselves. For the last year me and my ten year old have focused on INTEGRITY. It is just as important that we teach our children, while still in the home, what these expectations are, what the "right" thing to do is, how to act, and how to be the best person they can be…..before they ever enter the workforce. With values such as these, once in the workforce and the Code of Ethics is shared, it will not be such a shock or focus of attention since it was a part of their values and morals. Now-a-days we really need more of this as children are being raised in such a different world than previous generations. 


4: Dori I totally agree with you. The employer are looking at many skills of an employee. Leadership and communication in my opinion are the best skills to lead an effective group of employees. I believe these skills need to be practiced upon and refined for a great leader. With that said communication is key. How to approach a problem?How to communicate with certain employees?How to bring certain personalities into one moving part as a cohesive group could be challengin

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