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  1. Tell us which research project you plan to do and why.
  2. Talk about the process you went through finding the sources. What database worked best? Did you learn about the source and get access to it using the same database, or did you have to learn about it using one, and access it using another? Also discuss any difficulties you encountered and give tips that you think could help your classmates.
  3. Let us know what your two peer-reviewed sources are (and where you found them). Briefly summarize your peer-reviewed sources in two sentences, and then explain, in two sentences, how you think these sources will contribute to your research project. (You may also want to try to cite these sources.  This is not required; however, this way you have feedback about the format of your citations before you hand in your final essay.)

Please divide your response into paragraphs for easier reading. Note that all 3 parts of this assignment are required; posts missing 1 or more parts will earn lower forum scores.   

Topic  for the Research Project: Gender Issues in Pygmalion and The Importance of Being Earnest

 200-300 words 

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