HR Management


PLO IL (Information Literacy) Locates, evaluates and applies information, using a variety of research tools, in the analysis of challenges and problems in human resources

The objective of this assignment is to define, identify and access the research and information needed to analyze and address an HR business management problem or situation.  That will form the foundation of your integration and application of concepts, theories, strategies and tactics into the construction of your summative project.

Request an interview with an executive level manager or higher professional (a retiree or small business owner is acceptable) in an organization that you will use for your final project.  An executive level person is one who is able to see the larger business situation, beyond simply a functional viewpoint.  If you choose to use a fictitious organization, the person you will interview is someone of a similar organization or competitor.  This is your opportunity to assess the internal and external organizational situation from the viewpoint of a top strategic decision-maker, and begin to develop your HR strategy in response to the organization's needs.

As you draft your assignment and prepare for the interview recall that you are the new HR vice president for a top company that is forecasting major changes in the organization within the next three years.   The changes may be in response to the market, structural, product mix, expansion or downsizing, reorganization, etc. As a result of these changes, the demands, expectations and workload will be changing significantly.  In being consistent with the organization’s mission, vision and goals, your CEO has asked your HR team to strategically ensure the organization is prepared for the new expectations of employees. This will require the HR vice president to research, strategize, plan and coordinate the people transition.  ensure for the top talent human capital that is required.  While ensuring the talent is hired/downsized/reorganized appropriately, the systems such as training and development (T&D), benefits, and compensation need to be appropriate, while managers need to be prepared for their own changing responsibilities.

In preparation for interviewing the executive:

· Research the organization’s background information, in particular its mission, vision and goals.

· Considering what you initially understand to be the HR challenges facing the organization, strategically design a list of questions to help your planning for the workforce changes to come.

The interview should be comprised in the following manner:

· Introductions

· Why you are conducting this interview and your desired outcomes

· Interview Questions

· Follow-up Questions as needed

· Recap of Responses

· Conclusion

· Thank you

Questions you can use as a guide:

· What is your current role and some of your key responsibilities?

· What are the most critical changes you see coming in your business and market in the next three years?

· What are some of your main challenges in terms of your employees and their management?

· What are the top characteristics you look for in the talent for your organization?

· How does the organization, and its hiring and management of talent, correspond with its mission, vision and goals?

· How do you utilize your HR professionals and function? What do you see as their contribution to the organization’s success?

Write a 2-3 page paper (APA Format) summarizing the research, strategy and interview.  Describe how you will apply the information you gained from this research in your plans for your organization’s growth.  

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