Anthropology Discussion Board Questions

Anthropology Discussion Board Questions

1. First, answer the following: What is science and how does it differ from myth? How do you think it differs from belief? What are scientific theories and why are they taken seriously even when the hypothesis remains open to testing?

Second, do you consider evolution to be a theory, belief, or fact? Explain your answer.


2. What is evolutionary theory? What does it explain? What are the key mechanisms it involves? How is it different from theories of biological diversity that came before it? (Be sure to briefly explain key terms/concepts/theories in your answer.)

Your post must be written in your own words. Remember to name your sources. If you summarize something from the textbook, you can say, "according to our textbook." However, if you use quotes from the textbook or any other source, be sure to put them in quotation marks, state where they are from, and include the page number.


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