Assignment D1

Assignment D1

You are to create the following:

1)  a Roman numeral outline (refer to the Basic Outline Format at the top of the course site)

2) a five-paragraph example essay that contains the following elements (refer to the Basic Essay Information link at the top of the course site):


  a.  An introductory paragraph that contains a thesis statement (the claim or argument you are making) with a plan of development (the three examples you are going to use to support your claim)


 b. Three body paragraphs that discuss the three points you outlined in the plan of development in your thesis statement. Make sure that your body paragraphs discuss the three points in the same order as you listed them in the thesis statement.  Each body paragraph should contain the following:  

         i.  A topic sentence that states the point (example) you are going to explain in   that paragraph

         ii.  At least three, specific supporting details 


  c. concluding paragraph that restates your claim and your three points (examples) of support but in different words than you used in your thesis statement.  Also make sure that you don't introduce any new points.



Topic Selection 

You are allowed freedom in topic selection for this essay as long as the essay you write uses examples as supporting evidence.  Take a look at the topics below to see if you would like to write about one of them: 


1. Select an important person in your life and set out to describe that person by assigning three character traits to that individual. For example, you might choose to write an essay describing your grandmother.  You might have a thesis statement like this one, "My grandmother is a strong, hardworking and caring person."  Your three body paragraphs would be organized based on the three traits. Your examples would come in each body paragraph when you set out to develop at least three specific examples of how your grandmother shows the traits.


2. What are three qualities of successful workers in your field of study(Registered Nurse). For example, a nursing major would select three qualities that it takes to be a good nurse and then discuss those three qualities in the three body paragraphs, providing examples of specific behaviors/actions in which good nurses exhibit those qualities. What qualities make good chefs, good accountants, or good firefighters ?All students should be able to write this essay based upon their specific majors


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