Business Finance – Management

1.  Complete the problem attached above regarding Best's Bicycles Problem   


2. Write a 2 page paper that summarizes the use of the following new product development method (using memo or APA format – use 2 external references):

Stage-Gate Process

Review the Stage-Gate process on pages 122-123, then research at least 2 professional or peer-reviewed sources that provide an example of the development and commercialization of an innovative new product (example the Tesla auto in 2002).  Please include introduction, conclusion and references


3.  Product and Service Process Matrixes

Research the Product and Service Matrixes on pages 144-145 and 149-150, then research and write a 2 page paper (using APA format, excludes title and reference pages) that compares and contrasts the matrixes (at least 2 sources required). Please include introduction, conclusion and references




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