Dq Wk 1

Dq Wk 1

1.Practiced in India, this is a form of violence against women as well. What do we know about it? Were you tasked with the opportunity to end it, how would you go about it? What tools would you need for your plan to be successful?

2.Which theory of family violence do you find most applicable in explaining family violence? Why do you believe this theory is most applicable?

3.What do you think of the Minneapolis Experiment? Cutting edge justice or a bad idea? Defend your answer.

4.Of those outlined in our text, which of the descriptions of the batterers do you believe to be the most dangerous? Defend your answer.

5.Analyze the various factors that contribute to family violence.

6. Describe the potential physical and emotional consequences of violence on the family.

7.Analyze the application of theories of family violence in the human service field.

8.Explain the most common form of violence that women around the world experience.

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