Refutation Paper

Refutation Paper

MLA, 1,000 words

Works Cites page (3 sources)

Choose one of the articles below to refute. Focus your paper on refuting one of these articles. 

Include a 1-2 sentence thesis that claims the other author is wrong and why, and what you are arguing instead.

Directly refute statements made in the primary source.

Point out (by name) any logical fallacies the author commits.

Point out any overly-emotional arguments the author makes.

Point out any time the author doesn’t take the human condition into account (e.g. we are not robots, we have emotions and families, and make mistakes).

Argue why a different perspective is true instead.

Provide evidence from at least two (2) sources (other than the article you are refuting) to prove your argument (e.g. the other article below, Thank You for Arguing, something from your own research).

Imagine you are writing for the same publication/audience as the original piece.


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