Unit IV

Unit IV

For this unit’s assignment, develop a minimum of a three-page essay describing a specific classification system that is universally adopted in the United States. 


Please be sure to include at least three references, one of which must be from the Waldorf Online Library.


Please select one of the following classification systems from the list below to incorporate in your assignment. 

1. ICD-9 CM 

2. ICD-10 CM 


 4. National Drug Codes 

5. DSM 


Including the following in your paper: 

1. Brief overview of the code set selected

 2. Main advantage and disadvantage (limitations) of the selected code set 

3. Assessment of how this code set is used for data capturing and storage of information

 4. Comparison and contrast of your code set against any other code set 5. Reference page formatted per APA 


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