Business Law II

Business Law II

This week’s learning activities focus on administrative law and its regulation of business, specifically environmental regulation and its impact on business.  Answer each scenario in at least (3) paragraphs, along with scholarly references. 


Scenario #1: You are considering purchasing an existing dry cleaning business to operate as a sole proprietorship. 

A.  Identify and describe specific environmental risks and liabilities you might encounter regarding the operation of the business and the disposal of dry cleaning products used in the business?  

B.  Describe specific legislation and regulation that applies to the dry cleaning business.


Scenario #2:  In addition to purchasing an existing dry-cleaning business, you want to also purchase the building and land on which the existing business operates.

A.  Identify and describe specific risks and liabilities you should consider directly related to the land and building on which the business operates.

B.  What specific steps should you take before purchasing the land and building to minimize and/or protect  against these potential risks and liabilities?


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