ps260 Abnormal Psychology


Abnormal Psychology 


This week you will be completing a assessment. Your answers should be in paragraph format and include the appropriate citations and a full reference at the end of each section. Each question requires at least one paragraph but should not exceed four paragraphs.

1. What are dissociations? What forms can they take? How are they caused, and which treatment approach do you think should be used and why?

2. What are acute and posttraumatic stress disorders, and how are they diagnosed?

3. What is the purpose of the multiaxial model of mental disorders? Identify and describe each of the axes in the DSM-5.

4. What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder? What are the primary treatment approaches for bipolar disorder?

5. Which factor (environmental, social, or genetic) do you think has the most impact of psychopathology? Why do you believe this? What research article supports your opinion, include the full reference to this research article.


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