Reflective Essay Assignment – Individual Assignment

Reflective Essay Assignment – Individual Assignment


For this assignment, you are required to write 5 reflective essays, each of 300 – 400 words length. These essays

would be based on the videos that are part of the learning material for this unit. You are required to choose ANY

five of the videos and write a reflection on each of the chosen videos. Each of these essays will account for 6%

of your semester grade (all five together determine 30% of your trimester grade).


The purpose of the reflection essay is to encourage a deeper exploration of the learning videos. Focus on

interpreting a specific aspect of the videos rather than skimming the surface or giving general comments or

opinions. A good starting point is to briefly identify how the ethical views/concepts impacted you, then move on

to a critical approach, theme, or analysis of basic elements (such as identifying how the video’s point of view and

the ethical concepts taught are presented). Support your reflection with personal observations, reasoning and

academic references.


Due Date: Friday, Week 11 – 11.55pm

Essay requirements: Your essay should be between 1500 and 2000 words in length. In addition, you should:

 Ensure your main idea is clear (what is your insight?)

 Engage the reader by using personal anecdotes

 Effectively use dialogue to help the reader understand your subject

 Support your reflections with personal observations and reasoning

 Clearly document sources using Harvard referencing style


Conclude your essay by doing more than just summarizing what you’ve learnt so far. Revise to clarify and

strengthen your reflections and edit to remove errors in spelling, grammar and mechanics so your writing is clear

and readable.


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