Zero Carbon Ireland: Irish Energy System Modelling

Zero Carbon Ireland: Irish Energy System Modelling

1. The desired form for the reference data needed in this literature review is that used in IEEE journals. Please look carefully how they are referenced, shown in the guide template which I have attached are done. Can you number the references like in guide template?

2. The references that you have used are not all academically robust references (IEEE Journals). Please look at attached references which has a list of some references I would like used in literature review. Note it is ok to use references that are not academically robust references (e.g., blog posts, newpaper articles, reports from think tanks or state agencies etc.) But I will require 32 academically robust reference also

3. Can you use images/pictures and reference like shown in guide template.

4. There is some spelling/grammar that needs correction

5. Also I would like table of contents having 4 chapters with chapter 1 being the introduction, chapter 2 technical background, chapter 3 Analysis techniques, chapter 4 conclusions and project outline (identifies the key findings of your literature survey and motivates the outline of the solution you propose to develop to the problem described in Chapter One. The proposed solution based on your review and analysis of the literature)

6. Please use same format/font/layout as seen in guide template

7. The Zero Carbon Britain project has developed detailed scenarios for how UK energy needs could be potentially supplied from renewable (notionally "zero carbon") sources. This has included a technical model of the UK energy system, which has been make freely available in spreadsheet form. This project will seek to adapt this model for the Ireland context and present comparable detailed technical scenarios for Ireland. Please use this as a point of reference for this literature review.

8.We need to look at this timescale of how we can a achieve this Zero carbon Ireland by

HowNecessaryit is to achieve a zero carbon Ireland based on the risk/threat of climate disruption in particular.

How soon is itFeasibleto achieve a Zero carbon Ireland from a technical, financial, political, social point of view.

HowFairis it to expect us to achieve this zero carbon Ireland comparing us to international effort to achieve zero carbon countries on a global effort.

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