Aaron Douglas And Graphic Design

Aaron Douglas And Graphic Design

Address  both  the historical event (or topic within its  time – frame context)  and  its continued impact on society today to the following topic:  Aaron Douglas and Graphic Design.   

• Write 2 – 3 pages (no less than 2, not including your Works Cited page)    

• Use MLA format for citations ( both in – text and a Works Cited page) and paper formatting    

• Cite at least 3 different  scholarly  sources (Absolutely no Wikipedia, About.com,  Howstuffworks, etc  — using these sources or sources like them will guarantee you a grade of  zero on this assignment.)    

• 12 point Times or Times New Roman font    

• PROOFREAD and edit your work.    

For example:   

Introduction with a strong thesis statement.    

Body paragraph 1: Biographical information on Douglas.   

Body paragraph 2: Douglas’ graphic design (best to choose 1 or 2 examples here): what is it like,    what makes it unique, what techniques did he use, etc    

Body paragraph 3: How is Douglas’ unique sense of graphic design impactful today.  


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