1. Describe the phases of the Six Sigma model and it's scope

The Phases of Six Sigma are Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The define phase is where you identify problems, define the requirements and set goals to accomplish the requirements. The next phase is measuring which is validating problems in the design or process as well as making the problems or goals smaller. After that phase comes the analyzing phase which is where you develop hypothesis to improve process to solve root problems. Then comes the improving phase where the ideas that are set to improve problems are tested and he results are measured. Its then to control phase where the solutions are used to develop standards which maintain performance and correct problems as needed. The scope of the model is to take the challenge of a process by assessing, arranging and improving consistently those processes.

  1. Describe the phases of the Roadmap and it's scope

The phases of the Roadmap are identifying core processes and customers which is important allow the organization to develop core processes that key customers agree with allows for better communication. Next is defining the customer requirement where the company takes the customer requirements and integrating it into your standards for performance. The measuring of current performance will give you a base which you can improve upon based upon the performance and customer requirements. Prioritize, analyze and implement improvements using the facts and data from the previous phase to improve the processes by taking the priorities needed to create and improve the processes. Expand/integrate the six sigma system where the integrate business practices that increase and drive performance. The scope is take core process and customer requirements and current performance to implement and integrate improvements to the processes.

  1. Offer your thoughts on how they are related and how their respective scopes differ. I am looking for well thought out answers that are substantiated from the reading material

These two relate in a couple areas where both the model and the Roadmap you must take current performance and analyze it to create improvement ideas that can be integrated into the systems processes. In the model you take the process and analyze it and come up with improvements. Where in the roadmap you identify processes analyze them and improve them. The difference is in the way the roadmap takes into account the customer requirements as well as the key customers. Valuing what customers have to say and what they want out of the system.

  1. Additionally, offer you opinion onwhy these are or are not important for an         Many organizations DO NOT follow Six Sigma Models or Roadmaps but are successful with their own strategy.

My opinion is that while these are two very good models or roadmaps, however it is not necessary for a company to follow these models because some aspects may not apply to their company. A company needs to create or follow a model or roadmap that applies directly to their needs and helps their process improve and produce what is needed.


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