Project Research

Project Research

 1 Select three artifacts from the “pool” of available artifacts. ( 1946 Vespa Motor Scooter, 1950 Kodak Brownie Camera, 1950 Porsche 356)

2 Analyze each artifact using three different methods of analysis found in 3., 4. and 5., below. In all, you will have nine analyses, three for each of the three artifacts.

3 The Designing Triad: Situate the artifact in the Triad; identify, define and describe the Designer, User and Maker of each of the three artifacts. Your analysis should be factual and thorough; it should provide the reader with concise and precise information. Credible and Reputable reference sources are important (Note: Wikipedia is not acceptable.) 

4 200-250 words per artifact.

5 Simon's Definition of Design: Using Simon's definition, clearly identify and explicate for each of the three artifacts with specific attention to: 

6 200-250 words per artifact.

7 what was the existing situation before the artifact was designed;

8 what changed with the preferred situation; and

9 what was the course or courses of action taken to get from one to the other.

10 Context: Explore the micro-contextual and macro-contextual nature of each object: 

11 200-250 words per artifact.



1 Find and include images of the artifacts so that your project may be understood better.

2 Spend some time carefully studying layouts of magazines such as I.D., Wallpaper, Eye, Innovation, Wired, etc.

3 Each artifact with its three analyses should occupy one page, for a total of three pages. References should appear in small type at the bottom of each page. 


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