Social Effect Of Bullying In Adulthood.

Social Effect Of Bullying In Adulthood.

 The topic is social effect of bullying in adulthood.

The instructions are:

A  written paper on the chosen topic will be completed (7-10 pages) with 6  references (professional peer reviewed journal articles and/or up to 2  books) written in APA format. You may use the same references for your  power-point. Topics will require professor approval. Please make sure  you have enough research to support your topic before you choose a  topic. This paper should be a total of 7-10 pages and should be written  in APA format 6th edition. You should include a cover page and a  reference page as well (Not included in the 7 pages). This is a research  paper; therefore you should not add your opinions or personal  experience. For example, you should not use the words "I think", "I  feel" or "My…" etc…

Few pointers: 

-Be mindful of grammar. Look over your paper for any errors before you submit it. 

-Be  on time. You have the entire semester to complete this paper. I will  not accept any late papers for any reason. If you turn the paper in  early, it will not be graded until after the due date. 

-Double check your APA format

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