BMGT 364 Week 3 Project 1

BMGT 364 Week 3 Project 1

Project 1 Organizational Theory Due Week 3

This project was designed to have you demonstrate an understanding of how the role organizational theory applies to management.  Furthermore, the student will demonstrate this understanding by explaining the evolution of management theory and how it relates to the business environment through the use of a case scenario.

You will use the course material learned in weeks 1 and 2 to answer the questions that are based on the case scenario below.  You are also required to research the various schools of thoughts and theorists identified in the Timeline under week 1.  Once you have thoroughly researched the schools of thought and the theorist under each category, you will answer the questions below making connections between the case scenario facts, the course material and your research if applicable. 

In answering the questions, it is necessary to explain why and how rather than making statements.   Go beyond merely making statement without the support that explains the why and how to earn higher points for the assignment.


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