Consumer behavior was explored in this chapter in terms of the hierarchy of needs concept developed by Abraham Maslow. Marketers are very aware of this need hierarchy and devise their promotional campaigns to appeal to one or more of these human needs.For this assignment you are to select a national or international company. Then research the company s promotion by gathering promotional messages from the company and examining them to determine which needs within the hierarchy are being targeted.Good companies to choose include:

  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Liquor companies
  • Soft drink companies
  • New home builders

You may gather print advertisements, sales brochures or other literature, visit the website, and record television commercials. Examine these various materials to determine which of the consumer needs they are appealing to.Questions

  1. Which of the needs is the most commonly appealed to in the promotional campaigns analyzed? Why?
  2. Do you think the campaigns are effective? Could the company appeal to another need within the hierarchy?
  3. Do you think the consumers who are subjected to the campaigns realize that they are designed to appeal to a basic need? Explain.


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