Hazard Controls

Please choose a writer that is highly knowledgeable in this area, and has a good command of the English language when writing. PART ONE: Separate from the project below, but is tied into the project. ONE PAGE JOURNAL ENTRY, NOT TO BE INCLUDED WITH PROJECT.
QUESTION: You are designing a plan for the bulk tank railcar off-loading facility for hydrocarbon products, describe the work system and the hazards that you anticipate needing to address within the plan. How does this plan help you in your organization? What could you do better? Read the rest of the PROJECT requirements before responding to this separate ONE PAGE journal. Use references needed for this there are plenty provided.
STEP 1: Design a system safety program plan for a bulk tank railcar off-loading facility for hydrocarbon products that has the following features:
a. one railcar switch located next to an interstate highway.
b. capacity to off-load liquid hydrocarbon products.
c. two 500,000 gallon bulk liquid storage tanks for liquid hydrocarbon products.
d. two diaphragm pumps with piping between the off-loading station and the bulk liquid storage tanks. 
STEP 2: USE APA GUIDELINES (Title page, abstract, body, and reference page).
Design a minimum 8 page system safety program plan with a minimum of 5 references(books, and articles, one from CSU library), using the following level one headings:
1. Defined objectives
2. System Description
3.Hazard Identification
4.Hazard Analysis
5.Risk Evaluation
6. Hazard Controls
7. Verification of Controls
8. Risk Acceptance
9. Safety Control Structure Diagram (see instructions below)
10. Planned periodic System Review
Design a safety control structure diagram for your work system, and embed it within your system safety program plan as the content for your ninth level one heading. Use figure 6.2 on page 193 in text book of an ammonia fill station as an EXAMPLE (This is provided). Notice that the designed controls within this example structure are the level indicators, control valves, and relief valves.

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