“The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

"The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"

For thousands of years, up to the 20th century, the land of Palestine was a homeland for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. In the 20th century, the British got involved in the Middle East in several ways, culminating in the attempt to make Palestine a “homeland” for European Jews. Before you respond to this week’s discussion questions, visit and review the ProCon.org Website about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict at http://israelipalestinian.procon.org/. It is one of the most thorough, unbiased, and detailed sites on the subject.


> Hypothesize why one might feel hopeful about the future of the conflict. If there is no reason to feel hopeful, explain why.


>Based on your readings in Roskin and on your familiarity with current events, speculate on the probable future of the dispute. 


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