BUS 599 Module 4 SLP

Simulation link:http://forio.com/simulation/solar-test/index.htm#page=market_research
Please read the directions completely
Module 4 – SLP
In the Module 4 SLP you will develop your own pricing strategy running the simulation at least twice. Your objective is to earn the highest cumulative profit and to expand market share to the greatest extent possible. In this final SLP you will continue to compete with new entrants; in SLP4 however the pricing policy of competitors will be more aggressive (i.e. competitors will be increasingly inclined to undercut your pricing).
For this final SLP go to Settings page and change the following:
1) Competitor Price Policy Low
2) Entry for New Competitors On
3) Be sure to SAVE your changes.
For the Module 4 SLP you are asked to complete the simulation making pricing decisions at2-year intervals. Leave the process improvement percentage at 5%. Note that you will again need to monitor the market share and financial performance ofnew entrantsinto the Solar Power industry. Also you will now find competitors pricing to be more highly aggressive.
Run the complete 18-year simulation two times. For each simulation run keep track of the pricing decisions you make at each of the four decision intervals. Also keep your results (note key metrics like market share of new entrants vs. your companys market share revenue margins profitability etc). Give justification for your pricing decisions and using key data compare your results between Simulation Run #1 and Simulation Run #2.
Keys to the Assignment
The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered and taken into account in preparing your 5-6 page paper include:
**** NOTE: The 5-6 page requirement includes written analysis and all supporting tables figures and graphics. However it doesnotinclude Cover or Reference page. Be sure to adhere to the TUI Writing Guide for formatting of all papers. If you are unsure how to complete a financial analysis please review the following sample report:
Gilbert O’Neil Mushure. (2014). Financial analysis report: Malaysia airlines 2007 – 2011. International Journal of Sciences : Basic and Applied Research 14 (2) 148-153.
Also refer to the following source on business writing:
OHara C. (2014 November 20). How to improve your business writing. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved fromhttps://hbr.org/2014/11/how-to-improve-your-business-writing?utm_campaign=Socialflow&utm_source=Socialflow&utm_medium=Tweet
SLP Assignment Expectations
Your paper will be evaluated based on the Rubric.
Please note the following tips and suggestions:
Hints for success!
Throughout this SLP you will be asked to make business decisions under conditions of incomplete information and uncertainty. To do so you will need to make assumptions based on what you have learned throughout the MBA program about how markets operate. Thus your strategies in approaching this decision need to rely on models financial analysis and theories from such classes as Economics Finance Accounting Marketing Strategy and Quantitative Analysis. In addition the simulation will give you some additional market information as you progress.
Be sure to explicitly draw on concepts and theories from the courses you have taken throughout the MBA program. That means you need to think like an MBA and use the financial data you are given. You will have to crunch some numbers and present your data analysis professionally by creating some simple tables charts and graphs.

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