Part 1: Identify clauses with similar content.DON’T focus on similar titles but rather similar CONTENT.If a clause doesn’t have any other similar correspondent at other contract keep that one by itself.Part 2: Bundle it.Go to the contracts copy and paste all the clauses AND the ones similar to it (identified on the previous part ‘1’) and put those together as in ‘2a’ put all similar ones there; ‘2b’ again and so on.Remember to also write the ones with no similar corresponding clauses by itself.Part 3: Review all items listed under part ‘2’ and keep only those who appear just once.Let’s say there are 3 clauses in three different contracts with similar content.Sometimes more than one will say the same thing but using different words.When that happens keep the version that is more complete and easier to understand.Remember to keep all clauses that only appear once too.Part 4: Get rid of the trash.This is the final review of your draft.Here you will get rid of everything that you don’t like regardless.Part 5 (I have not told anyone in class about it yet): It is time to add and/or fix things.Here you will add what is missing (in your opinion) as well as fix what is broken.The goal is to have a final document that you are proud for protecting both parties and being fair no matter what perspective.

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