Discussion due at 6 pm pacific time and PowerPoint presentation due at 6 pm pacific time on 5/7

I am getting a C in this course and seriously need to achieve a 100 percent on this assignment. Please help with references and no plagiarism.DiscussionCan employers protect the rights of people whose religion teaches them that homosexuality is immoral and those people who are sexual preference minorities such as homosexuals. How so? Support your reasoning with specific examples and please use class material to support your answer. 200 wordPowerPoint presentationCreate a 7 to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation aimed at convincing an employer to seek a diversified target group of workers. Suggestions for topics to include are listed below:Male vs. Female RatioOrganizational Culture (ethnic/education)Organizational commitment to vetting of employeesJob Security/Employee TurnoverTheories of Employee Motivation and Work PerformancesEach slide must contain speakers notes; use the slide notes function. You may use various reliable sources includingyour textbook.NOTE: UnmonitoredWebsites such as Wikipedia are not acceptable sources. Be sure to cite any sources used in areference slide using proper APA formatting. Cover and reference slides do not count in the required number of slides.

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