Government Intervention (ECO 561)

Purpose of Assignment
The theory of market economies emphasizes freedom of choice and limited government intervention. The classic argument for government intervention is market failure – the inability of the market economy to correct itself from a dysfunctional state (such as the Great Depression). Students will examine articles from the University library to analyze real-world examples of U.S. government intervention programs and apply current week readings to make intelligent conclusions about the economic policies.
Assignment Steps
Resources:Tutorial help on Exceland Word functions can be found on the MicrosoftOffice website. There are also additional tutorials via the web offering support for Office products.
Using the University Library EBSCOhost orProQuest data bases locate up to three different articles/publications and/or use The Economist Online from the University Library to examine one case of significant government intervention as it relates to your current industry of employment or an industry in which you are interested in working. You may access EBSCOhost ProQuest or The Economist Online through the University Library homepage:
Examples of intervention programs you may select but are not limited to:
Developa minimum 10-slide MicrosoftPowerPointpresentation including detailed speaker notes or voiceover including the following:
Note: The use of tables and/or charts to display economic data over the time period discussed is highly encouraged. However if your source includes the copyright symbol which looks like this: then you should not copy any table and/or charts from that source. You could use but are not required to use charts/graphs retrieved from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis FRED web site as long as the data sources used by FRED to create those charts are government sources such as the Bureau of Economic Analysis or the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Citea minimum of three scholarly peer-reviewed references.
Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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